Ride Events 11 May 2019

Where are the 2019 events ?

Saturday 11 May 11am to 4pm Abney Park Fayre – book here

Sunday 27 January at Wheely Tots Family Cycling Showroom 1-5pm and to let us know you’re coming book here

Find out about how you can cycle as a family in London…Toddlers upwards and pre natal advanced planners welcome!

Family Buddy Up Project – Theory of Change

There is loads of guidance and help on the internet about Theories of Change  (ToC) how to do them, why  they should be done etc etc.  The first ToC we ever did for our family buddy up project here are our tips

  1. Work with someone who has done one before or hire a consultant (we’re happy to help you here – just email us at info@wheelytots.com)
  2. Really understand why the process to create the ToC is iterative  (it really needs to be to get a robust output it took us 4 versions to get to what you see below)
  3. The ToC is only as good as the people who contribute to it  – it really does need a good mix of people  – especially beneficiaries (more so than the “professionals”)
  4. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work – much more that you would initially think!


Pollution Sensor

One of our awesome families developed an open source pollution sensor that measures PM10 , 2.5 and NOx along with temperature, humidity and pressure and plots all this data on a map!

Why Do Wheely Tots like this?

Because families can

  • Build a sensor themselves (as a fun and slightly challenging activity!)
  • Use the sensor to identify hotspots
  • Borrow the sensor for a week to see if it influences the way that you travel about the place eg tube vs bus vs car vs bike vs walking….or which routes are less polluted than others….
This shows how pollution levels are relatively low on a breezy day heading into Covent Garden. A larger circle size indicates more pollution.

Would you like to get involved?

Drop us an email or volunteer to build or use a sensor. To give you an idea of the cost of making your own sensor its around £150 including postage for the bits and bobs you need.

Wheely Tots at the Lordship Rec model traffic area

Check out our video…..filmed at Lordship Recreation Ground in the model traffic area

and then have a look at how it all used to be….

Oh my goodness me – the principles are the same but the delivery style quite different!

Getting ready for this morning

Our all weather sessions running again this morning and here’s a clip from  yesterday in Woodberry Down.


Parent & toddler sessions – balance bikes , songs, chalks , snow!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

wheelytots.com/toddlers sessions running as usual this week. We have had a now very long standing  aim to do snow angels……maybe today will be the day!

Please remember gloves, thermals, waterproofs (or lots of layers) for you and your toddler!

As a reminder wheelytots.com/ride will be next to Clissold Park at Kings Crescent Estate this Saturday afternoon – come along!

Wheely Tots Ride

Hello All This Sunday 04 February  10am-12pm will be the first wheelytots.com/ride session of 2018. Outside the Redmond Community Centre. We’ll have balance bikes for toddlers age 2-4 and advice on cycling as a family in and around Woodberry Down.

Happy New Year 2018 :)

Finsbury Park sessions start tomorrow!  Come along and find out how we can help you this year!

Outdoors wintery volunteering is great!