What is the Kit Library?

The Kit Library is a service where you get to support Wheely Tots and your family can learn about and try out a range of different bikes and accessories to find out which best meet your needs. You can then borrow something from us for as long as you need it.

Where is the Kit Library?

The library is mobile. You can find us at our weekly parent & toddler balance bike sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and at events in Haringey and Hackney.

When can I visit the Kit Library?

Come along to one of our sessions on Wednesday afternoon at Woodberry Down or Thursday morning at Finsbury Park.  If you want to access the Kit Library at a session, book a slot on Eventbrite and email us to let us know to expect you.

If you are not able to attend a session, complete our Contact Us Form with your request so we can arrange a time to meet you.

We can also deliver bikes to households in Haringey and Hackney for a suggested £20 donation towards our time.

How much does it cost to buy or borrow a bike?

We have suggested donations and sales prices below which supports the running costs of the Kit Library and the wider work of the charity.

Suggested donation Sales Price
Puky LRM £45 £70
Puky LR1 £55 £80
Puky LRXL £70 £115
Frog Bike Tadpole £95 £160
Frog Bike Tadpole Mini £85 £145
Puky Z2 £100 £170
Frog 43 £150 £255
Frog 48 £170 £280
Hamax Siesta (REAR child seat) £60 £90
Croozer 2 Kid trailer (2010) £250 n/a

We also have a tag along (ages 5+) and other  front and rear bikes seats that you can try out or borrow as well as our cargo bikes

You can also hire our bikes and cycle mechanics/instructors for events:

£150 to bring the cargo bike & balance bikes
£50 per hour for a family cycling expert from our team

We’ve got a bike that we don’t use any more. Can we donate it to the Kit Library?

Yes! We welcome donations of good quality bikes to the Kit Library. As we’re a small charity, this is a really great way to support Wheely Tots.

If you’d like to donate a bike, please complete the Bike Donation Form.

Why use the Kit Library?
  • Your child can try out a range of bikes from the Kit Library: we’ll make sure they have a safe, comfortable bike that’s appropriate to their size and ability
  • We’ll show you how to safety-check and maintain your child’s bike
  • We’ll provide you with ongoing support and advice as your child’s cycling journey continues
  • You’ll be supporting our work to support every child to be healthy, confident and resilient

What are the rules?

To ensure that borrowing a bike is a fun, fair and a friendly experience – without hidden catches and sneaky small print we have 5 simple borrowing rules.

  1. Bring the bike back clean. There may be a small charge if you bring the bike back dirty.
  2. Bring the bike back on time. We don’t want the next borrower to be kept waiting.
  3. Learn to use the bike and check the bike properly. Watch the ABCD check video on YouTube for pedal bikes. If you have a balance bike you just need to do the A and D check. If you have any queries about this email us for help.
  4. Tell us about any damages immediatelyemail us so we know and can check the bike.
  5. Share your feedback and stories – we would love to hear your experiences so we can keep improving our Kit Library for future borrowers. Email us your stories.


“David was so incredibly knowledgeable and supportive as we picked out a first bike for our four-year-old. We have joined the fantastic bike library scheme, which means that we are looking forward to coming back to Wheely Tots every time our son outgrows one bike and moves up to the next level. The passion and vision that David has for Wheely Tots and the genuine drive to benefit the community means that buying bikes through this charity feels so much better than buying a bike online without the expert advice and not knowing how long that bike will last.”  Megan