Wheely Tots & COVID-19

This page was last updated 13/04/2021

We’re following UK government advice and NHS guidance around COVID-19. The safety and wellbeing of you and your family , our wider community, session leaders and admin team are all our biggest priorities.  

On 22 February 2021 the government announced the four stage roadmap out of Lockdown with dates subject to change.

From 29 March 2021 outdoor gatherings of up to 6 people are once again permitted and outdoor sports can take place. The limit on outdoor gatherings increases to 30 people at Stage 3 (no earlier than 17 May 2021).

We are offering offline/in person sessions outdoors. These sessions will be for limited numbers and must be booked in advance. It will not be possible to drop in.

We will continue to offer online and ‘virtual’ sessions.

Here’s what we’re currently offering:

Virtual Parent & Toddler sessions. 

These are bookable in blocks of 7 sessions only and it’s not possible to just drop in.  wheelytots.com/toddlers has more information.

Family and adult cycling sessions and any other private bookings

Fill in the contact us form.

Online consultations

Book a twenty-minute online consultation with one of our expert bike mechanics or cycle instructors. We can help on anything from sourcing parts and tools, diagnosing mechanical issues, route planning, choosing the right bike, and any other cycle-related quandary. Free to NHS / key workers. 

Kit Library home deliveries

We’re doing home deliveries of balance bikes from our kit library. For more information click here or fill in the contact us form  To find out how to get the right size bike for your toddler, click here

Doorstep bike services

One of our trained mechanics will come to your home and service your bike on your doorstep.

What safety measures are we putting in place?

When visiting homes to deliver a bike or undertake any bike maintenance, we will:

  • stay outside and remain 3 metres away from you and any members of your household
  • always wear gloves
  • disinfect the handlebars of all borrowed bikes 

All our cycling and walking sessions are now available online and “virtually” which means we can offer them anywhere, anytime in the UK.  Complete the contact us form or click the relevant box from the homepage and find your way to the right form to find out more.

We are actively choosing to move to running “virtually”.  Our rationale is that;

  • we can do all this stuff better “online” (this is a mixture of self-guided activity with a group and parent 121 chats and your small people still get to see each other whizzing around on bikes)
  • “online” massively helps to make the changes (incorporating bikes and improving parenting skills) more normal and permanent to your lifestyle
  • participating with us through this journey allows us to massively increase our reach and impact which means more healthy, confident, resilient children, families and communities and you are at the forefront of making all this happen in new places

We really want to thank you for your generous support and goodwill and to welcome you to the “new” way of doing things which is  – for many – much better than the “old” ways from the feedback we have had from our pilot participants.

Stay well and take care,

The Wheely Tots team