Parents & Toddlers, Bike Servicing and Second Hand bikes!

Parents & Toddlers, Bike Servicing and Second Hand bikes!

Happy New Year!  Parents & toddlers sessions are starting again!

  • Outside the Redmond Community Centre 4pm every Wednesdayfor 4pm starting on Wednesday 4th January 2017
  • In Finsbury Park every Thursday for 10am starting on Thursday 5th January 2017 has the details or just get in touch with any questions.  We’re excited to try some new songs, games and activities for all.

We’re servicing adult and child bikes to raise funds for Wheely Tots (as we’re a charity and all that!) so if you know of a bike that needs a bit of TLC get in touch via’ll even come to you  – with tools and a smile!
We were donated the bike in the photo, spent a good bit of effort servicing it and replacing some broken bits and are now keen to find a new owner – if you know anyone who needs a bike pass on our details!

Wheely Tots at the upcoming Woodberry Down Winter Feast

James will be providing balance bikes outside the Redmond Community Centre session at 4pm on Wednesday 7th December (maybe to see the Christmas lights…..) and will have a stall at te Winter feast.

We’re hoping to run a competition to give away a balance bike and James will be sounding people out about the 3 year programme of monthly events we’ve been funded to provide at

For Wheely Tots fundraising we will also be taking orders for balance bikes (because we know some people want them for Christmas…..!).

Come and see us and we’ll provide you with our unique brand or impartial help and advice!

Wheely Tots is a registered charity and belives ALL children should learn to be healthy, confident and resilient!

Wheely Tots invited to Woodberry Down Winter Feast

Wheely Tots invited to Woodberry Down Winter Feast

All weather sessions are great – especially on wintery days!

Big thanks to Earlyna who volunteered with Wheely Tots 10 am Finsbury park session today!

Outdoors wintery volunteering is great!

Outdoors wintery volunteering is great!

Earlyna developed a new way of stacking the balance bikes more efficiently into our cargo bike (brilliant!) and we taught her our trick of remembering multiple childrens names!

Earlyna said “It was amazing to see the parents and toddlers get stuck in and the enthusiasm on Emil’s face when he arrived made my day!”

And a big thanks to Emil’s mum for taking the photo!




Our Trustees received some brilliant help and strategic advice from Thanks Charlotte! Hopefully we get more bikes & sessions 🙂img_6233

New site and new developments

We’re proud to announce that has been relaunched and we are look forward to bringing new updates soon.