Throughout summer, Wheely Tots are working with Haringey families to gather and share knowledge about walking and cycling locally. Sessions take place online on Tuesdays between 10:45 and 11.30am. Scroll down for resources.

We will explore together and share ideas on themes including:

– planning  a walking or cycling route

– choosing a bike for your child

– activities to do in local green spaces

Please complete the form to register interest.

One mum with a 10-month-old baby asked: what can I do with my daughter in the park while the play areas are closed? 

Here are some ideas from other parents, children’s centre staff and the Wheely Tots’ team:

  • Sit under a tree in dappled sunlight and let the shadows capture your baby’s attention
  • Play with bubbles
  • Explore different textures nearby: grass, fabric, etc.
  • Bring along books and read or sing to your baby
  • Play peekaboo with fabric or boxes – your baby could also climb into the box 
  • Go on a nature walk with your baby in a sling or buggy, pointing out colours, flowers, trees, birds chirping. Your baby could touch and smell as long as it’s safe to
  • Ball play
  • Use rattles and drums (improvised or homemade)

Check out our growing map of local spaces to take your family, recommended by other parents, children’s centre staff and the Wheely Tots team.