It’s important to have the right-sized helmet that fits well and provides the best protection. You’ll need to know your own / your child’s head circumference at the widest point.

You will need:
–  a flexible tape measure
– or a piece of string / fabric that you then measure against a ruler or tape measure
1. Wrap the flexible tape measure / string around the head, normally an inch above the eyebrows. Make sure the measuring implement is level all the way round.
2. Do the measurement at least twice at different times!
3. Pick a helmet that is the right size  – always on the inside of a helmet will be eg 46 – 52 cm , 50 – 56cm etc etc – avoid just getting S, M, L and try the helmet before you purchase
When you have a helmet….remember look after it…it doesn’t like being dropped or being left out in the sun for days at a time!

The helmet should always over most of the forehead  – this protects the frontal lobe of the brain.

Adjust the bands within the helmet to ensure it’s stable. The perfect fit means that the helmet won’t move back and forth or side to side.

To adjust any straps always take the helmet off, adjust and then try on again (with little ones be facing your child at the same level to avoid an accidental “pinch or punch”)

Adjust the straps around their ears so they sit comfortably below the ears   – with little children’s helmets, particularly the “scooter type” this can be tricky but do the best you can!

You shouldn’t be able to get more than one finger between the strap and chin – if you can, try tighten it up a little more.

If the helmet it moves more than an inch tighten the strap in front of the ear. Push the helmet forward and if it moves more than an inch, tighten the strap at the back of the ear.

Shake your head (or try touch your toes so you head is “upside down” and check the helmet stays still)

Every few months, check your helmet as the straps may loosen over time and you should always ensure you’re wearing your helmet with the perfect fit. It’s a great idea to wear helmets yourself, not only for your safety but to show a good example to the younger ones in the family – they make think they look silly but they look safe which is much more important.