I’m David and I run Wheely Tots (a local charity that is all about community development,  people meeting each other, doing activities together) I live close to Kings Crescent and have friends on both sides of the estate.

Please could you complete the form below and tell us what 2 hour slot would work for your family to come along and do an activity with other families outdoors or in the Community Centre.

Based on your positive feedback (from Wheely Tots attendance from our wheelytots.com/ride event in December 2017 and more recently at the June 2018 Celebration Event and residents community meeting in September 2018) Wheely Tots has been kindly been given funding from Hackney Council to run 6 wheelytots.com/toddlers sessions at Kings Crescent.

We hope to find a good time for neighbours and friends to meet each other through activities like ours.  Initially our sessions will run on Wednesday mornings 0930-1130 but we are happy to change day and time asap based on your feedback.  The first session last week was super windy but and we had low turnout but it was a good start and we made some videos about balance bikes and helmets and plan to do some more that could sit on your kingscrescent.org website and you can share easily.

At Wheely Tots we’d love you to have a little fleet of balance bikes that you could share amongst yourselves and we’ll give you ideas about how to run fun sessions with them or we can come and run sessions for you, depending on your preference.