Welcome to Wheely Tots kit library. Here you can:

  1. Buy a bike – any bike any size
  2. Borrow a bike from the kit library for as long as you need
  3. Visit the showroom and learn how to draw a bike
  4. We also take bike donations for the kit library (good quality bikes). The Bike Donation Form is below.

If you would like to buy a bike, borrow a bike or visit the showroom please book an appointment on this link

We have 5 Simple Rules of Borrowing a bike from the Wheely Tots Kit Library

To ensure that borrowing a bike is a fun, fair and a friendly experience – without hidden catches and sneaky small print we have 5 simple borrowing rules.

It is important that all our kit library bike borrowers agree to these 5 simple rules of borrowing:

  1. Bring the bike back clean. There may be a small charge if you bring the bike back dirty.
  2. Bring the bike back on time. We don’t want the next borrower to be kept waiting.
  3. Learn to use the bike and check the bike properly. Watch the ABCD check video on YouTube  for pedal bikes. If you have a balance bike you just need to do the A and D check. If you have any queries about this email [email protected] for help.
  4. Tell us about any damages immediately – email [email protected] so we know and can check the bike.
  5. Share your feedback and stories – we would love to hear your experiences so we can keep improving our Kit Library for future borrowers. Email [email protected]