What we’ve been up to

While we’ve paused our regular sessions, we’re working hard to safely provide bikes to families, neighbours and key workers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Now more than ever, cycling is an important way to deliver food and essentials to neighbours, as well as helping us feel mentally and physically better with much-needed exercise. 

Stefan, session leader and bike mechanic, has been out and about on one of the Wheely Tots cargo bikes today, helping people to keep moving on two wheels.

First stop, he delivered two balance bikes to Paulsha’s home. Paulsha’s borrowed the bikes from our kit library for her twin daughters to ride around on over the lockdown period. 

On Broadwater Farm Estate, we loaned two bikes to a Your Bike Project participant and his father. The participant has been regularly attending our Saturday afternoon sessions for young people, led by Stefan, since they started in February. During that time he’s brought his friends along to the project, fixed bikes and helped out where he can.  Though we’ve had to pause Your Bike Project sessions for now, we have an online offer ready to go.

Gloria, a Wheely Tots Trustee and manager of the awesome Redmond Community Centre in Woodberry Down, let us know she had a puncture. Stefan cycled over and helped her to fix it. She’s chuffed that she can keep exercising on her bike – and has also learnt a new skill. 

During the first week of the lockdown, we delivered five balance bikes to people’s homes, coordinated two large food deliveries from the Felix Project to residents in Broadwater Farm Estate, completed four doorstep bike repairs (including three for key workers) and provided remote guidance and advice to eleven families.  

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