1. Set up

  • Bring WT tabard, phone with charged battery, chalks, basic tools (mechanics only)
  • Chalk wheelytots.com on the ground

2. Sessions 

  • give out leaflets
  • chat with passerbys / participants – How are you? How old is your child? Do you cycle? What would they like to do / learn? 
  • Register people for sessions at wheelytots.com/ride
  • sessions are bespoke (fitting, cycling, mending, route planning) 

3. Collect min 2 photos and 2 videos (10 second clips) from sessions illustrating, e.g.:

  • Family members interacting with each other
  • People from different households / families interacting
  • People riding, fixing bikes in different locations in Haringey 

Ask people to complete the photo permission form http://wheelytots.com/photo/ 

4. Collect min 2 voice recordings 

What, if anything, did you learn in the session? Did you meet anyone new? What else would you like to do?

5. Complete the form below