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Family rides around the local area and beyond that work at the pace of a small, pedalling child and toddlers in bikes seats being pulled by pedalling adults (Cargo bikes, bikes seats will be present for small people and their bikes needing a rest).

Plus we’ll run a learn to ride / entry level road safety type sessions for those wanting to get to the point of exploring quiet back roads, cafes etc.

To get the most out of the sessions, we recommend, initially, one adult and one pedalling child to participate, or just one adult without any children. If you need help with childcare, please let us know.


A ride a month from November 2020 until April 2021. The first ride will take place on

14th/ 21st? November.

10am – 11am – Warm up, checking bikes, beginner’s ride around Finsbury Park (mandatory)
11am – 12noon – Ride to Clissold Park down very quiet back streets. This will be suitable for anyone that can pedal slowly / is a beginner and uncomfortable riding on roads
12noon – 2pm – Ride onto Lea Valley and back to Finsbury Park. This intermediate ride will be for more confident cyclists


The first November ride will be around Finsbury Park, with optional additional forays to Clissold Park and the Lea Valley, for more confident riders.

Potential destinations are Hampstead Heath, Town or the Lea Valley, depending on who comes along.  There are endless other options – we know some amazing routes to all sorts of places in and out of Town…and as for the possibilities by train…

We will always start and end in Finsbury Park.

What to bring?

1. Wrap up very warm / dry. It’s always easier to take off layers and there will be some standing around / cycling slowly
2. Bring water to drink and snacks. If you have a thermos fill it with a hot drink (e.g. hot chocolate).


Cycling ability is totally optional and by the end of 6 rides we will have you at the point of:

-happily navigating quiet streets and learning about some great routes to awesome places and back. It will set you up nicely as families and individuals for next summer

-feeling more connected (to your families and local community) and fulfilling our charitable objectives

-having the option to to cascade your new skills and knowledge around your workplace, friends and family and you can always pop back to play with us in the summer months.


There will be a suggested donation (max £50) that covers our costs

and this will be a function of the numbers who attend – what does this mean?

This will enable our freelance session leaders (professional coaches, instructors and mechanics) to be properly paid. All proceeds go to our other charitable projects ie foodbank, training other local people to run sessions on a paid or voluntary basis

Family rides and COVID-19

For any organised sport delivered outdoors (of which our cycling stuff is) then Rule of 6 doesn’t apply. However, given the increasing level of Tiers we will adhere to it.  Plus we still have our single family/household offering running and the sign up for that and that happens at a time and place to suit you.  We also have ways of making these rides work “online” and using tech and we’ll be piloting this with the first groups we take out.