Join the Space Race with Wheely Tots


What is the Space Race?

Join the Wheely Tots team to race to the International Space Station and back during August 2020.   Use the sign up form below to register and we’ll send you a fundraising pack and support you!

Sponsor the team here.

Listen to our podcast to find out how the Space Race came about.

As a team, we want to cover 507 miles (816 kilometres) by running, walking or cycling. This might sound like a long way but if we all come together, we’re sure we can make it in 31 days. 

We are racing a team from our friends at Sage

What do we need to do? 

Let us know you’re on our team by filling in the form above (make sure you tell us you want to join the Space Race in ‘How Can We Help?’). 

We are asking everyone that takes part to raise £100 for Wheely Tots. You must set up a fundraising page here.  There’s some guidance on creating your page here. Encourage  your employer to match the funds you raise.  

Each £100 raised will fund: 

  • a balance bike & 20 minute walking / cycling session for a local vulnerable family to improve their health & wellbeing and sense of family connectedness
  • repairs for a bike to allow a key worker to avoid public transport and feel happier about their commute
  • a 2 hour walking / cycling session for an adult or family: this improves health, confidence and resilience.   Meeting others along the way creates opportunity for positive micro community interactions and helps people keep on with their walking and cycling

If we can raise £10,000 we can fund: 50 balance bikes, 20 bike services and 30 cycling sessions. This would help 100 families. 

How will we count the miles?

Each time you head out for a walk, run or cycle in August, fill in the form here to add your miles to our total. You can share photos and screenshots from tracking apps like Strava if you use them too. We will post a weekly update on social media so you can see the team total.

How else can I get involved? 

If cycling, walking or running isn’t your thing, remember that astronauts need fuel so why not bake a cake or set up a lemonade stall to fundraise instead? 

Help us spread the word, tell your friends, family and colleagues, share our posts on your social media.