Wheely Tots | helping families grow


Wheely Tots is a registered children’s charity that believes ALL children should have the opportunity to learn to be healthy, confident and resilient.

Wheely Tots make this possible by providing free access to cycling equipment and facilities via inclusive, friendly and rewarding family oriented events and sessions.  We specialize in parent & toddler balance bike sessions from age 14 months upwards and provide tools, support and help for the whole family.

Wheely Tots operate in and around Woodberry Down, one of the most diverse, disadvantaged and brilliant parts of London.  What we do isn’t easy but we say that it’s just like learning to ride a bike!

Mums & Dads & Grandparents & Childminders  – become a Wheely Tots member and join in one of our sessions

Looking for  a bike? – For used/new balance bikes, adult bikes and any accessories send an email to info@wheelytots.com

Wheely Tots is a registered charity and to donate money or unused bikes please click here

Funders – thank you for your support and to understand why we do what we do and some statistics have a look through the site and check us out on twitter @wheelytots.

If you have any questions just ask.

Contact: info@wheelytots.com