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Getting the right-sized bike

In order to get the most comfortable bike, it’s essential to know height, arm and inside leg measurements. 

To get an accurate inside leg measurement, follow these steps. 

  1. You’ll need a big book ( or big spirit level… if you’re a pro ), and a tape measure / ruler
  2. Stand against a wall, in shoes you would normally wear for riding
  3. Carefully and gently place and hold the book between their legs, at the top. If you’re using a spirit level, hold it level (watch the bubble)
  4. Measure the distance from top of the book or spirit level to the floor and note the number in centimetres

Top tip!

Toddlers ( and some adults….) probably won’t want to stand still for very long! So it can be hard to get an accurate measurement the first time round. Being a centimetre out can make quite a difference, so we suggest that you take measurements twice or three times, at different moments.