Delivery Team

We are fortunate to have a delivery team of experienced cycle instructors, professional bike mechanics, bike fitters, and Vivienne, Armagan, Esme, George and James are the core.  Collective we have about 90+ years of mechanic experience .120 years of instructor time, focused solely on family and community engagement. Our peer-to-peer approach and interacting with those we help we always adapt, improve and learn our delivery approach, with our expertise you will always be in safe hands.

David, CEO

The CEO of Wheely tots,

David is a family cycling expert with over Two decades of experience. A qualified pro bike mechanic, cycle instructor, accredited balance bike instructor. David’s wealth of knowledge and expertise about family cycling in London and his love of learning and also helping families and children discover new places to visit and activities to take part in. If you need an expert in bikes for toddlers he’s your guy!….pro and con David is your man!!

A community outreacher for a majority of his life, he has travelled to many places by foot and bike and seen many wonderful places. An avid speaker he has able to share and exchange ideas with many like-minded people and etc. His big personality is a great thing to see for yourself, his also very professional and handles every class.

His energy radiates and it has trickled down to his colleagues who adopted a relaxing and fun way of working and approaching things. Everyone here is so comfortable and happy it’s only going to continue

Admin Team

 Agnieszka, Bookeeper and  Finance Assistant

We call her the finance master , she is the most important part of the finance team at Wheely Tots. She ensures that the QuickbookS run smoothly, and the right information is exchanged between the team at the right time in the right way.  As the number cruncher, she structures our budgets and accounts for projects so everyone knows what’s going on.

She has great help from Finance Assistant- Jonathan. 

Not only finance but her love for  bikes , she fell in love with bikes again when she started work with Wheely tots. Hired during the lockdown  she said the lockdown helped her keep up and manage to go for long rides with daughter 🙂

Johnathan, Finance Assistant

A lover of numbers and a mathematician genius , Jonathan took his passion for numbers,and  got a degree in Mathematics and Finance and passed with flying colours achieving a first degree.

 When on the job he supported Agnieszka , finance manager with maintaining accurate financial records, producing reports, allocating expenditure to codes. Help with budget & cash flow, quickbooks and payroll tasks 

As a child her used to ride bikes from the age of 5 years old. An avid gym user, he likes running and tennis. He may one day be the next South American Roger Federer.

Lydia, Project Manager

The wise wizard of the group with an immense love for cycling and running she is the project manager. An avid explorer of London usually on her two wheeled steed for many years she has shared her enthusiasm for inclusiveness and her passion for cycling with others as like minded as her. Did you know ? She is a qualified bike instructor and passed a home mechanic course. She is also a writer and has a keen eye for art where creativity shines and her perspective really comes through.

Rhiannon, Development Manager

Rhiannon the go getter of the group with a vast understanding in the charity industry she knows how to get things done. We call her the Stephen Spielberg of wheely tots as she makes idea and thoughts into a reality. Hollywood needs her! Her primary role is career coach, helping inspiring individuals reach their dreams while helping them develop the skills they need to further their career. She is the Usain Bolt of walking; she is our walking expert, and she shapes the walking and cycling ethos here. Her  favourite place to walk in Haringey is a circular route through all four ancient woodlands in the borough (Bluebell Wood, Coldfall Wood, Queens Wood & Highgate Wood)

Angela, Volunteer Graphic Designer

The Graphic expert with a passion for cycling, all things graphic design and sustainability and structure. She combines her knowledge of these things and creates all the visuals at Wheely tots.

Carlos, Social media Coordinator 

A lover of all things media , Carlos has been here since March and has exceeded his role creating amazing content for our social media pages. But where does this passion come from?.. since a young age Carlos has always loved all things media.whether it was anime , tv and film , camera and tech Carlos had alway been high intrigued. A huge manga reader ( favourite author Tite Kubo creator of bleach) he has been able to express himself on many ways and also picked up the hobby of writing himself. 

When it comes to work Carlos is a workhorse ,someone who loves to create and pump Content, his style has evolved while being here some load and erratic to simple and meaningful. He love what he does and we love it too. His plans for the future are unclear but one thing is for sure is that he want to extend his knowledge in the digital field. When he’s not working he usually spends his time with his girlfriend and family and friends. 

Alexandra,Office Assistant

Alexandra Okandzi is our latest Kickstarter, whipping the office into shape as our Office Assistant. A master linguist in French, Spanish and English, she’s the friendly voice on the other side of our phones. Joining us from the field of real estate, she knows how to answer all your queries and make you feel at home with us. As a Kickstarter, she hopes to gain knowledge on how to manage a small business, to possibly open her own in the future.

Trustee Team

GloriaEleanorRichard and Merna keep the ball rolling at wheely tots!  Their collective skill set of charity, business administration and deep community development expertise have shaped and guided us ,with their tactical insight and overview of things ,  they are the pillar of foundation at Wheely Tots.


A bit of history

2020 marked five years of Wheely Tots supporting families and young people in Haringey and North Hackney to be healthy, confident and more resilient.   

During that time, the charity has delivered over 2,000 hours of balance bike sessions and reached over 1,000 families. We’ve engaged with 96 young people over the first year of our youth-led initiative, Your Bike Project. We’ve created 5 part-time jobs and trained 5 local people as cycling instructors. We’re excited by what we can achieve in the next five years.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re using our skills and resources to continue to support families to access cycling safely, and help those most in need.  Delivering bikes and balance bikes, running a foodbank, mending bikes and helping families get out and about more continues to be our focus.  Our innovative approach all helps make the wheels go round literally…and figurativelyOver the years we’ve proved that positive micro interactions contribute to our local communities being more healthy, confident and resilient.  69% of people meet someone “new” or “different” at our sessions and almost all tell us stories about increases in their health and well being.  

“We received a very personalised service from Wheely Tots. We found a great balance bike fit for our daughter and she’s been spending hours on her new bike. It’s really nice to see her developing a new lifelong skill and to spend some constructive time as a family. Thank you.” 

Here are five ways you can support us do more in your community, now and into the future:

  1. Book a remote consultation, a balance bike home delivery from our kit library, or a doorstep bike service
  2. Donate at to support us to provide bikes to key / NHS workers 
  3. Tell five families in your area about Wheely Tots (and ask them to tell five more)
  4. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and share what we’re doing with your networks
  5. Volunteer with us to help us tell our stories

Thank you,

The Wheely Tots team

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We facilitate community development and combat social isolation.  We support participants, volunteers and freelance session leaders to learn and grow, embedding skills and knowledge within communities.

Our skill set includes project management , bike mechanics, cycling instructors and problem solving in a new community context with online offerings, food and other essential deliveries and mobile bike servicing.  We take a robust approach to social distancing and hygiene measures and apply the latest advice to all our key worker activities to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We operate in and around Woodberry Down,  Haringey, Tottenham & Northumberland Park, some of the most diverse, disadvantaged but totally brilliant parts of London.  What we do isn’t easy but we say that it’s just like learning to ride a bike!

All of our projects emerge from and respond to a direct need; most are partnership-based and participant-led.




Here’s what families have to say about Wheely Tots.

“Esme was so incredibly knowledgeable and supportive as we picked out a first bike for our 4 year old. We have joined the fantastic bike library scheme, which means that we are looking forward to coming back to Wheely Tots every time our son outgrows one bike and moves up to the next level. The passion and vision that David has for Wheely Tots and the genuine drive to benefit the community means that buying bikes through this charity feels so much better than buying a bike online without the expert advice and not knowing how long that bike will last.”

Parent of 4 year old

“We were expertly helped. We visited the Wheely Tots showroom to speak to find out the best bike options for our little one. Though still small but we wanted to get started on some wheels. The showroom had various bikes for little legs at all stages, we were giving ample time and advice allowing us to try out the bikes finding the best option for us. I highly recommend a visit to the showroom. The Wheely Tots sessions in the park are also a great way of acclimatising little ones to cycling/helmets and spending some nice outside time with them.”

Parent of 14 month old

“Armagan was very nice and professional. She made good time for everyone and gave excellent input. Excellent teacher.”

Parent of 2 year old