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Mobile Servicing outside your home.  All our mechanics have Enhanced DBS Checks and will call you on their arrival.  Social distancing of 3m will be observed at all times and appropriate hygiene protocols will be adhered to.

You can book a full bike service from one of our trained mechanics by clicking the blue button and completing the form.

If its something specific email [email protected]  with any photos / short videos or leave us a message on 07397 902255 and we’ll get back to you wheely fast!

For schools and other community organisations our mechanics can be hired at a rate of £60 per hour for events or to triage and maintain children bikes (excluding parts and accessories).

We do four things with bikes and accessories;

  1. SERVICING Child and adult bike servicing (expert fitting of any child bike seat)
  2. DONATIONS We accept good quality donated children’s and adult bikes/accessories eg bike seats, trailers etc
  3. ONLINE WORKSHOPS We can demonstrate how to choose and fit different types of bike seats, trailers, tag alongs and all aspects of maintaining your bike(s)
  4. IMPARTIAL ADVICE We can help you find the right kind of adult or child’s bike for your needs

New bikes

We can provide new bikes, parts and accessories and offer extra discounts on things advertised here or any of the following bike brands RidgebackSaracenGenesisAdventureRidley and Puky

Suggested donation list

Labour costs (excludes parts) Suggested donation
Basic Service £55
Advanced Service £95
Brake pads fit per brake and adjust £13.00
Inner cable fit £13 each/£18 both
Outer casing fit £13 each/£18 both
Full set – gears and brakes – inners and outers £30.00
Brake adjustment £10.00
Brake lever fit and adjust £18.00
Calliper fit / replacement and adjust £15.00
Brake service £13 each/£20 both
Brake pads fit per brake £13.00
Inner cable fit £13.00
Outer casing fit £13.00
Brake adjustment £10.00
Brake lever fit and adjust £18.00
Rotor fit / replacement £15.00
Calliper fit / replacement £15.00
Brake service – each £13.00
Brake pads fit per brake £13.00
Brake lever fit and adjust £24.00
Brake cable fit (parts and labour, incl call out) £30.00
Brake adjustment £10.00
Rotor fit / replacement £15.00
Calliper fit / replacement £24.00
Disc brake set fit (Per wheel) £36.00
Disc brake bleeding – each £23.00
Inner cable fit £13 each / £20 pair
Outer casing fit £13 each / £20 pair
Full set – gears and brakes – inners and outers £30.00
Gear shift fit £18.00
Gears adjustment £13.00
Chain ring fit – each £13.00
Derailleur fit £18.00
Chain fit £13.00
Chain fit – With full cover £18.00
Drive parts degrease – gear service £40.00
Drive parts degrease, gear service – with cover £48.00
Drive train fit (Cassette, chain and crank set) £48.00
Cassette fit £13.00
Sprocket fit – Hub gear without cover £18.00
Sprocket fit – Hub gear with cover £30.00
Crank set fit £24.00
Hanger alignment/fit £13.00
Hub gear service 3 – 5spd (Cables excluded £78.00
Hub gear service 7-8spd(Cables excluded) £96.00
Hub gear service 9spd+ (Cables excluded) £138.00
Crank fit / replacement £11.00
Bottom bracket
Fit standard / external and service £28.00
Extraction / replacement £33.00
Cup fit/extraction £42.00
Service £28.00
Replace tyre or inner tube on standard wheel £15.00
Fit inner tube/tyre- hub gear without cover £22.00
Fit inner tube/tyre – hub gear with cover £26.00
Axle cones adjustment £13.00
Wheel true £17.00
Wheel true and spokes re-tension £24.00
Wheel build £35.00
Hub service £20.00
Spokes – parts not included
Spoke replacement £17.00
Spoke replacement – Disc wheels £35.00
Spoke replacement – Hub gear with cover £36.00
Handle bar
Stem fit £11.00
Handlebar bar fit – MTB £30.00
Handlebar bar fit – Road £45.00
Handlebar bar fit – Other £48.00
Hourly rate (pro rata) £50.00
Computer fit £18.00
Lights £11.00
Dynamo £24.00
Clip on mudguards set £11.00
Side stand £11.00
Full mudguard sets £24.00
Rear rack £11.00
Front rack £11.00
Child seat £18.00
Child seat – Other £24.00
Basket £11.00
Saddle fit and adjustment £11.00
Grips fit £11.00
Bar tape fit £15.00
Pedals fit / replacement £11.00

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