Our parent & toddler sessions

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“My 3-year-old absolutely loved it! He has more confidence now on the balance bike and enjoys riding it. Would definitely recommend.” 

How do I join?

All our outdoor activities have limited numbers and need to be pre-booked.

How much does it cost?

Our suggested donations are

£82 for seven group sessions (includes a £12 tabard for your little one)

£10 for a single group session

£45 for a private session

We want the sessions to be affordable for all and there is an always an opportunity to donate a reduced amount depending on your circumstances.  You can use the “donate” option when booking via Eventbrite to enter any amount.

Why should I donate?

As a small local charity everything we do is motivated by improving our feelings of connection to each other and where we live rather than financial viability of our offerings.  Combatting feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly prevalent in families with young children regardless of socio economic demographic, is our motivation.  Having an affordable offer to you helps to start to improve social integration both as participants and to passers by who will often break out a smile or stop for a chat and see a tangible expression of positive connection between parents, carers, grandparents and their children.

Our session leaders are paid above the London Living wage for setting up and packing down and associated administration as well as session delivery which is why we have a suggested £10 per participant.  We always say the suggested donation is fine, less is fine and more is also fine.  All your donations, regardless of amount, all go to helping us all realise healthy, confident and resilient communities of which we’re all a part.

As the proceeds from these sessions support our wider charitable activities and help make sessions accessible to all. If you are in a position to give generously please do and there is always the donate button where additional donations can be boosted by gift aid.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the sessions!

What shall I bring?

Warm clothes (top and bottom for yourself and your toddler) and rain gear, even if the weather looks good!

Water and snacks (eg fruit)

A balance bike for your toddler. If you need one, complete our fitting form and we can help you get one from our kit library.

A properly fitting helmet for your little one. If you need one, let us know and we can help you purchase.

Why join?

Cycling at an early age means children effortlessly move straight onto a pedal bike and skip the stabiliser stage!

We can access lots of lovely wide paths, exciting flora & fauna, pavements and superb locations to learn new things, meet other parents and see your little ones really enjoy themselves and develop really useful skills. 

“Our daughter loved her session and has begun to have much more confidence on her bike. The group was really friendly, the instructors were brilliant and the location was great too.” 

“We did some balance biking, drawing, exploring and new games. We’d  love to come again.” 

What happens in a session?

10 mins – parent led bike, helmet adjustment, introductions and warm up

25 mins – activity ranging from drawing with chalks, playing/cycling with multi coloured cones, I spy, singing songs, collecting bits of nature and generally having a short walk!

10 mins – opportunity to warm down relax, exchange information, socialise and top up with water & snacks!

Photos of pre lockdown sessions here.  We deliberately have a big age range so littler ones can learn from bigger ones (and vice versa!) and siblings can be in the same sessions.

Professional bike mechanics, cycling instructors, cycling coaches, parents and child development gurus have devised sessions by applying literally every bit of their expertise to makes sessions inclusive, interactive, fun, friendly and a great way to positively reinforce all sorts of things!

What happens if a session is cancelled?

If a session needs to be cancelled due to lockdown measures or in case of high wind, the session will take place virtually or online.  We have a no refund policy.