Why work with us?

  1. We’re more than “just consultants”; we have practical, lived experience of the issues we’re tackling and the tools and training we use on a daily basis which means we’ve also done the training, applied it and can demonstrate impact.  We also know that teaching and helping others means we both continue to learn, adapt and improve.
  2. We’re professional and do what we say. We’re only as good as our last job and we go the extra mile as a matter of routine.
  3. All proceeds support our charitable activities. These include our community-led foodbank on Broadwater Farm, our youth-led cycling initiative, Your Bike Project, and providing access to our services for those less able to pay.

We know all about the 80:20 rule and that, like us, you know 80% of how to do most things and spend 80% of your time productively.  However it’s what you do with the 20% that massively allows you and your team to be more efficient, feel more relaxed, in control and ultimately more productive so that you all do more with the 80%.

Our Expertise

We have over 20 years experience of:

  • Project Finance Raising from a range of public, private and community sources across the range of debt and equity instruments; grants, loans, shares, friends and family, crowdfunders and using your reserves effectively.
    • We start by figuring out how exactly much money you need, accept there is a shortfall, devise strategies to maximise the chance of getting you the monies you need via a solid finance raising  process.
  • Deciding the best vehicle for your project or organisation whether it be a Ltd, Charity, BenCom , CIC, CIO and all the other options, including wrappers and more complex structures.
    • We start by properly understanding you, your team, your project and your hopes, dreams and desires.  Then it’s easy to choose the right structure or switch to a more optimal structure.   Then we explore governance aspects and safeguarding implications from first principles so that it’s all in there from the get go, or we can help you adapt and improve your existing processes and procedures by taking you through a simple benchmarking process.

“For a specific project we had in mind this saved us those agonising hours we hear others discussing about whether the CIC is all its cracked up to be and maybe a Ltd with a charity wrapper might be the way to go after all.”

Adam, proud founder of a soon-to-be CIO

  • Budgets and Finance.  For this we draw on the amazing Kathy Roddy who has been there seen it and done it and we’ve been lucky enough to benefit from her expertise over the years and apply it to ourselves and other organisations.

“When you are on budgets and finance training and everyone is laughing and having a great time it’s a genuinely brilliant experience and learning the “boring” stuff will never quite be the same again….”

David, Wheely Tots

  • Digital Inclusion for charities and community organisations.  We know how to flip quickly between online and offline (outdoors, in all weathers if needs be) delivery  – now a “must have” basic ability for all organisations and wheelytots.com/walking  is a great example along with wheelytots.com/toddlers.  We’ll happily spend the time and guide you through the tips and tricks using Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and all the other things that you feel you need to know how to use or use more productively.

“Having your team in gave our project the lift we needed.  We’d spent months puzzling over various funding applications for different projects and your first question of “So what guidance did your potential funder give you?” made us realise that filling out the forms is absolutely the last thing to do!  Our thanks to Lydia, David, Angela and the team for your time, we’ll be back for more help in the future,”

Mary Rawlinson, Chair UK Strawbale Building UK and one of the builders of Hastings Country Park Visitor Centre

Team Day rates

Community / Charitable organisation: £550
Corporate: £980

We have a small fund for smaller organisations to bid to towards the costs of our time. Just email us for details and we will do our best to help.