Pollution Sensor

One of our awesome families developed an open source pollution sensor that measures PM10 , 2.5 and NOx along with temperature, humidity and pressure and plots all this data on a map!

Why Do Wheely Tots like this?

Because families can

  • Build a sensor themselves (as a fun and slightly challenging activity!)
  • Use the sensor to identify hotspots
  • Borrow the sensor for a week to see if it influences the way that you travel about the place eg tube vs bus vs car vs bike vs walking….or which routes are less polluted than others….
This shows how pollution levels are relatively low on a breezy day heading into Covent Garden. A larger circle size indicates more pollution.

Would you like to get involved?

Drop us an email or volunteer to build or use a sensor. To give you an idea of the cost of making your own sensor its around £150 including postage for the bits and bobs you need.