Winter Rides Launch

This snowy season, we will be braving the cold and extending an invitation to you all to join us!

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Kickstart Scheme – Wheely Tots signs up

Wheely Tots is delighted to be offering opportunities through the Kickstart Scheme.

The Kickstart Scheme offers a 6 month paid job with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides an opportunity for young people to gain experience of work and supports us to offer opportunities for local people to join our team.

Jobs from the Kickstart Scheme are open to 16-24 year olds, who are claiming Universal Credit. If you are interested, talk to your Work Coach to see whether it’s right for you and find out how to apply.

You can find out more about Kickstart here.

We have 5 roles available:

Bookkeeping Coordinator; IT Coordinator; Office Assistant; Social Media Coordinator [this role has been filled]; Session Leader

You can see the role descriptions at

You will need to apply for these roles through your Work Coach at your local Job Centre and not directly to Wheely Tots. If you have any questions before you apply, please contact us at [email protected].

Please share this with anyone you know that might be eligible to apply, we are very keen to find local young people to benefit from this opportunity.

Ways to support Wheely Tots at Christmas



Image designed by Angela Balla.

Our latest newsletter includes ways to support Wheely Tots during the festive period.

You can send e-cards and donate when you spend at Amazon Smile.

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Walking and Talking: Getting Outside

In our latest podcast, Rhiannon speaks to Rebecca Lees, an OS Get Outside Champion about getting outside, local walks, getting teenagers outdoors and more.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Rhiannon was in North London while Rebecca was in South Wales, walking to a hill fort near Pontypridd. Click here for a map and directions.

Rebecca shared some photos of her walk on a blustery day in Wales. You can see more pictures of her walks on Instagram.

At Wheely Tots, inspired by Rebecca, we’re going to use the OS Get Outside app to add our walks in and around Tottenham and keep on exploring our local area to find more brilliant places to walk (or cycle) to.

Walking and talking: Finsbury Park to Green Park

Our latest podcast documents a 6.7 mile walk Rhiannon, David and Lydia went on between Finsbury Park and Green Park. We’re expanding our walking programme, with the launch of Walking Connections, where we’re working with 15 households in Tottenham to use digital tools to explore their local area by foot – so we thought it would be fitting to do a walk.

London never fails to surprise. Along the way we saw, among other things, wind turbines, a Pearly King and dinosaur clouds – which prompted our meandering chats. Check some pictures from our walk below and listen to our adventures here.

We certainly earned our lunch.

Wind turbine in Gillespie Park. 

Purple flowers at Paradise Park.

La Taberna Restorante, Roman Way: for amazing fresh pasta.

Canning beer at Hammerton Brewery.

Fountains at Granary Square, Kings Cross.

The former residence of Henry Croft, the first Pearly King.

Indian YMCA: a great spot for a takeaway curry.

Green Park: Wheely Tots’ next venue?

‘I’m hungry as a dinosaur.’ David’s closing remarks.

July News: Join the Space Race!

Our July Newsletter is out. We’re inviting you to join our Space Race team in August. Click here to read more.

To podcast or not to podcast…..


We’ve started some podcasts and you can find them in a variety of places…..we aim to get them out every few weeks or so.

Please keep your suggestions for episodes coming in as we love a good challenge!


The podcasts are inspired by;

  • A Mitchell & Webb sketch that none of us can find and only dimly remember….something to do with just being good enough and not throwing the budget at fancy graphics and audio.  Doctor Who might have been mentioned.  That’s why all you hear is live and unedited as we genuinely don’t have the time or expertise….yet!
  • Chain Reaction…something really nice about blurring and crossing the interviewer and interviewee roles and Louis Theroux Grounded we think brilliant as it hints at this
  • All the fun chats we’ve ever had with other people….ever….we laugh a lot, we cry every now and again and really care about those we work and play with….all of whom are fabulous, interesting and awesome people.
  • Other stuff that when we remember we’ll add to this list

April Newsletter: Stolen Bikes Appeal

Dear friend,

I hope you and your family are all safe and well.

Last weekend I was running our foodbank in Broadwater Farm Estate, Tottenham and found our bike and tool store had been burgled. At least seven bikes and our most valuable tools were taken. Here is the full story.

Our fantastic bike mechanic, instructor and youth worker Stefan, said at the time that if he could meet the people who did this, he’d tell them,  “That was really not cool guys. Seriously, not cool.”

The theft has completely knocked us for six. As a small charity, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Over the past few months, the bikes had all been lovingly restored by the brilliant young people as part of Your Bike Project and we were intending to loan them to local young people, key workers and volunteers during lockdown.

Our work will continue and there are a few ways you can help us:

  1. Donate to our fundraiser to replace the stolen tools

  2. Visit and book in a remote consultationbuy or borrow a balance bike or kids bike, allow us to come and service your bike or donate an unused bike to us

  3. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn

  4. Support us when you shop online via Give As You Live or send e-cards to friends and family

  5. Ask your friends to join our mailing list

Thank you for reading this message. If you have any other thoughts or ideas please let me know.

Kind regards

Wheely Tots

Cargo bike food delivery


Stefan who runs which has now turned into a Saturday foodbank was helping the local community by delivering boxes of food to local families on the Haringey – Hackney border

Just before the video was taken Stefan was asked what he was doing by a passer by who had a 94 year old mum living on her own, we took her details and passed on to the community leaders who will add 1 more to their list

Being so visible and a relatively unusual sight brought many smiles of puzzlement and amazement and its nice to be asked to help out


  • 11 large boxes of food delivered by 2 short cargo bike trips
  • 4 miles travelled 1.6 kg of C02 avoided
  • Approx 10 mins per delivery
  • 67 smiles (ok we guessed at that one…..)
  • 11 thank you’s including one emailed in

“Thank you to all of you for making this happen. The first but surely not the only thank you” – local resident


  • a positive and visible sense of community connectedness
  • a positive sense of health and wellbeing (physical and mental) for Stefan who got some exercise!
  • the opportunity to train local volunteers to use the cargo bike or offer as part of the local community service in the future –
  • an opportunity to showcase do things positively and more sustainably

Bikes for youth project stolen: appeal for information and support

On Saturday, we discovered that at least seven of our adult-sized bikes (pictured above and below) and valuable tools were stolen from our storage space on Broadwater Farm.

The bikes and tools are kit for Your Bike Project, our youth-led initiative where we work with 11 to 18 year-olds on Broadwater Farm and Northumberland Park estates. We were also loaning the bikes to NHS and key workers during lockdown.

While Saturday sessions for Your Bike Project are suspended during lockdown, we’re still distributing food from The Felix Project to residents each week, which is when we discovered the theft.

“We went to do our food bank on Saturday,” explains David. “We had two volunteers, Jacob and Barbara, who were keen to help out and were full of the joys of spring.

“I thought I’d show the volunteers the bike store in the drying room. When we got up there, I couldn’t believe it. The door had been smashed in. Our tools were all over the place; all the good ones had been taken, as well as all the adult-sized bikes.

“On the plus side, all the kids’ bikes were still there.”

After reporting the theft to the police, David managed to secure some alternative storage space for the remaining bikes and tools. The volunteers also stayed around to help and support David and Stefan, Wheely Tots session leader, in the aftermath. 

“Whoever took them, we hope their need is greater than ours. I suspect it was,” says David. “We felt in normal times this wouldn’t have happened because there’s a building concierge there all the time, albeit there are some dead times.”

Despite the difficult start to the day, the food bank went ahead, and David, Stefan and volunteers distributed food to residents. We’ve been really encouraged by the response to the food bank, including the support from estate residents and support to spread the word and help their neighbours. We’re hoping to expand it in the coming weeks to include extra items that vulnerable residents need. 

Unfortunately, the theft means we’re sadly unable to provide bikes for key workers at the moment. We hope to build up our bank of bikes and recover some of the stolen ones so we can resume this scheme.

If you have any information, please contact [email protected] 

To support our Coronavirus emergency appeal, click here. If you have an unused bike you’d like to donate, click here