Five ways to adventure at home

We’ve taken a few elements from our balance bike sessions and distilled them here for you to do with your family at, or near, your home. Bikes are optional. Have fun!

Things you might need:

  • Chalk
  • Paper
  • Pencils or pens
  • A cardboard box

Getting ready

  • If you have one, do a safety check on your balance bike. Here’s a video to help you
  • Warm up like an airplane – arms outstretched and zooming around


  • Stamp like an elephant, one foot at a time. You can do this sitting on a bike or cardboard box.
  • Draw around each foot, or both feet, or make a wiggly line. Jump in, out of and around the shapes. If you have access to an outdoor space, you could draw these shapes with chalk on a path or patio. If you’re indoors, you could use a skipping rope 


  • The Wheels on the Bike is, of course, our favourite. The wheels tend to go round and round.  Children, siblings, mummies and daddies might pedal, push, whizz or scoot. Substitute with names and other adult figures in your household


  • Go on a treasure hunt in your home or garden to find different objects. For example something red, yellow or blue. Or look for objects which are different shapes
  • Play peekaboo


  • Do some mark making. You could chalk on pavement, a path or patio, or use felt tips / pencils on paper
  • Draw a bike. Here’s a video to help you. If you have a cardboard box, draw a bike on the side and, voila, you have imaginary wheels for your child to sit on
  • Create a rainbow display for your window

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