Please read this disclaimer carefully and then complete the membership form in order to become a Wheely Tots member and be able to use the cargo bike or toddler balance bike(s) or regular bikes.

I agree with the terms and conditions applied by Wheely Tots to its cargo and toddler balance bike(s) and regular bike use activities. I totally absolve Wheely Tots and all its servants from any liability arising whatsoever whilst I am responsible for their cargo bike, toddler balance bike(s), regular bike(s).  I indemnify Wheely Tots for any loss or damage caused by myself or others using Wheely Tots equipment.  I understand that riding a cargo bike or using a toddler balance bike or a regular bike can be a dangerous activity if not carried out with due care and attention and I freely accept the liability and all the costs arising from injury to third parties and myself. I understand that I should have personal insurance cover for myself and any children.  I have/will have tested the cargo bike and/or balance bikes and/or regular bike and will ride when I am happy and that the bike is in good condition.  I understand that components such as brakes, tyres and control cables will deteriorate whilst riding.

General Terms and Conditions

The cargo bike and/or balance bike(s) and/or regular bike(s) and any accessories must be returned by the user by the end of the use period in the same condition as received; otherwise a charge may be made.  No refunds are available for unused time.  If a cargo bike or balance bike or regular bike is lost, stolen or damaged, the user must notify Wheely Tots as soon as possible as a charge will be incurred.  All accidents/incidents must be reported as soon as possible. 

Cargo bike and regular bike users must cycle in compliance with road traffic law and countryside code.  All riders and passengers should wear a helmet at all times.  For Cargo Bikes a chainlock is provided and should be used where the cargo bike is left.  The lock must go through the bike frame and around a permanent fixture, i.e. bench, lamppost, etc.  Users should not make any cycle adjustments, other than saddle height.  

Damage Charges

Cargo Bike: Estimation off charges for damage, other than that can be reasonably classed as normal wear and tear (non exhaustive). Buckled wheel £40; Torn seat £30; Damaged rear mech £50; Broken spoke £15; Damaged lever £20; Damaged gear shifter £40; Bent handle bars £40; Tyre abuse £20; Bent chain rings £40; Bent pedal arms £40; Broken pedals £30; Broken drop out £40; Damaged rim £40; Snapped chain £30; Accessory damage, ; pump retail price: Damaged/Lost Rain Hood £200,.  Damaged/broken folding seat or bench £100.  Broken harness £30  Loss of key and or chainlock £100.  Damage to wooden box £500.  Where excessive soiling occurs there will be a minimum charge of £30 to cover cleaning costs.

Toddler Bikes  Replacement costs:  Puky 4 wheeler £75 , small two wheeler £80 , large 2 wheeler £95 , extra large £145.   Frog Extra Small £120 Frog Small £125 , Missing Component costs (non exhaustive): Saddle/Seat £25, Seatpost £30.00 , Handlebars, £30, Kickstand £20, Wheel £30

Regular bikes.  Replacement costs are dependent on the bike and minimum of £100.  Parts  / Servicing as per Cargo Bike

Cargo Bike Late Charges For every 15 minutes the bike is late £20 will be requested

By completing and submitting the form below I accept these conditions.

The 5 Simple Rules of Borrowing a bike from Wheely Tots Kit Library

To ensure that borrowing a bike is a fun, fair and a friendly experience – without hidden catches and sneaky small print we have 5 simple borrowing rules.

It is important that all our kit library bike borrowers agree to these 5 simple rules of borrowing:

  1. Bring the bike back clean. There may be a small charge if you bring the bike back dirty.
  2. Bring the bike back on time. We don’t want the next borrower to be kept waiting.
  3. Learn to use the bike and check the bike properly. Watch the ABCD check video on YouTube ( for pedal bikes. If you have a balance bike you just need to do the A and D check. If you have any queries about this email [email protected] for help.
  4. Tell us about any damages immediately – email [email protected] so we know and can check the bike.
  5. Share your feedback and stories – we would love to hear your experiences so we can keep improving our Kit Library for future borrowers. Email [email protected]


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